The Agenda of the Goals of Sustainable Development by 2030 (AGSD) came into effect on 1st January 2016 after the resolution was passed at the UN summit in September 2015. It is a global developmental agenda for the period after 2015. In the next 15 years all the signatory states are expected to mobilize all the resources so as to reduce poverty and fight inequality and meet the challenges presented by the climate change.

Republic of Serbia, among a few other countries, has been chosen to support the formulation of the new program of sustainable development by consulting its citizens on their opinions concerning developmental priorities. By way of nation-wide campaign "The Serbia I want", which was part of global compaign "The World I want", over 250,000 citizens were introduced to the consulting process in relation to the period after 2015. Two series of consulting were carried out in Serbia: over 28,000 citizens had a chance to take part in consulting either via online poll and web portal or direct consulting, most of which were by Facebook and Twitter. A wide sweep of population was consulted: handicapped, elderly, women, people living in remote agricultural areas, Roma, LGBT persons, displaced persons, unemployed, syndicats, workers, farmers, journalists, children in the streets, autistic children, young and the rest.

All kinds of human rights are currently improved in Serbia.

Many projects concerning the improvement of living conditions and the rights of women, handicapped, national minorities and endangered groups, in addition to projects of inclusion, are carried out in Serbia today. Also, there are many projects whose goal is reduction of unrenewable sources of energy and mitigating our ecological footprint. In addition, there are projects whose goal is increasing transparency between state and citizens.