Uroša Predića Street 1, 21220 Bečej
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Technical school was founded in 19th centurry in Bečej, on 17th May 1886 with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Religions. The original name of the school was Bečej School of Cratfts. The first teachers were Ferenc Kovacs and Jozsef Farbas and the headmaster was Marton Derner. 164 Pupils attended the school devided into 33 crafts: tailors, shoe makers, sieve makers, carpenters, comb makers, tinkerers, lathe workers, potters, soap makers, slippers makers and so on.

In 1909 the school was renamed to Lower Municipal School of Crafts. The headmaster was Gyorgy Ugrai and the teachers were Julka Milovanov, Gyorgy Pece, Istvan Felder and Antun Lacković. After the WWI the school was renamed again into School of Crafts and Trades.

The women’s school for crafts was formed in 1925. The girls enrolled at the age of 12, and 27 pupils was the initial attendees. Their teachers were Olga Đorđević and Kristina Kodić. The school’s new name was General School of Crafts and Trades in 1926.

In 1933 it was renamed to Vocational Secondary Municipal School and in 1945 it was renamed to The School of Pupils Working in Industry. In 1953 it was moved to its current building. Following changes at larger level it has changed its name and syllabuses: Momčilo Šaranović (1958), School of Qualified Workers “Momčilo Šaranović” (1967), Center of Vocational Education of Secondary Degree of Metal Workers “Momčilo Šaranović” (1977), Machine School “Momčilo Šaranović” (1990).

As of 1996 it is called Technical school.

Currently 470 attend the school divided into four areas of expertise: machines and metal working, electrotechnics, driving and personal services. Teaching is in Serbian and Hungarian.

The machines and metal working is divided into the following educational profiles: Technician for Computer Controlling (CNC) of Machines, Operater of Machine Working and Locksmith-Welder. The electrotechnics is divided into: Electrotechnician of Information Technologies and Electrotechnician of Computers. The driving area of expertise consists of Drivers of Motor Vehicles and personal services area of expertise consists of Hairdressers.